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Sarah E. Haykel of Free to Be Life Coaching, Song Channel Music and Salsa for the Soul is not a licesnced psychologist, therapist, counselor, mental healthcare provider or medical doctor.

All of the blogs, videos, films, courses, coaching, quotes, songs, art work and other creations by Sarah E. Haykel and her companies listed above is for the sole purpose of inspiring others to live better and healthier lifestyles through life coaching.  These offerings are not a substitute for medical healthcare or advice from your medical doctors of any kind including therapy with a licensed professional, medication that may be prescribed to you by your medical doctors or other medical, mental or emotional health treatments you may already be receiving from licensed medical or mental healthcare professionals.

If you’re not sure whether engaging in any of our coursework or creations is right for you, you agree to contact your medical doctor or mental healthcare professional to discuss the appropriateness of your engaging in this work with them before you do.

We do our best to accurately and honestly describe each product or service and the benefits that you may receive from engaging in them. However, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that any of these programs, offerings or other creations will be effective for you or give you the results that may be suggested in the product descriptions.  In light of this, you agree to enage in any of the course work, programs and creations by Sarah E. Haykel and her companies stated above solely AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In addition, at times, course descriptions, names and pricing may change in our marketing material and on our websites as we constantly seek to keep material relevant and up to date with descriptions and pricing.

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If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, call Crisis Services at 716-834-3131, or look for the number in your local area, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 now.


Please note that all live classes and calls online or in person may be recorded and used for future courses online, in person, in print material, such as transcripts, in blog posts, and in other creations by Sarah E. Haykel or any of her companies listed above.  By engaging in online and inperson events, you agree to be recorded both visually and/or audibly during the course, event or program and are solely responsible for what you choose to share during those events or courses.


If you are not fully satisfied with the online program you purchased, you may request a full refund, no questions asked, by emailing us at up to seven (7) days after purchasing the program online. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process and you will be refunded in the same manner in which you paid.

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