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5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 2: Notice

5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 2: Notice



Welcome to Day 2 of the Free to Be Online Class with your Breakthrough Coach, that’s me, Sarah Haykel!

Today’s class is about Connection. Learning these tools can beneficially impact yourself, your work and your relationships by bringing more peace into your life because you are more self-aware.

You’ll learn simple tools to help you self-connect in healthy ways through the breath while you learn to be embodied in yourself and your life consciously.


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Leave a comment in the comments section below and tell us:

How will conscious, healthy self-connection improve my relationships, my work, my life?

We look forward to hearing from you. Go ahead and get that conversation started in the comments section below!

See you tomorrow for Day 3!



Day 1: Connect

Day 2: Notice

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