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5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Thank you and More

5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Thank you and More



Bravo, you’ve made it the whole way through! YES!

What did you get out of the Free to Be Online Class?

What have you noticed changing in your life by learning the Free to Be Process?

What one tool will you use throughout your daily life for the next four weeks?


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Take care and thanks again for joining me here! Have a beautiful day and a beautiful Life!

And…make sure to comment below and tell us:

What is the number one tool you’re walking away with from this course? When and where, specifically, will you practice this tool? Think everyday situations: I will watch my breath everytime I stop at a traffic light. I will consciously breathe everytime I walk through a doorway. I will notice how I feel emotionally or physically everytime I use the bathroom or walk outside, etc.

That’s how simple using these tools can be. It’s when we use them regularly, that we really build those new patterns and habits in our every day responses to life. So, remember to practice daily! All it takes is one tool, one step and one moment at a time!

Thanks again for joining us and stay tuned for more awesome programming and content from us coming to your inbox soon!

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Day 1: Connect

Day 2: Notice

Day 3: Inquire

Day 4: Accept

Day 5: Be

Thank you and More

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