5 Steps to Sexy Dancing, a New Owning Pink Blog

Hey, how was your Valentine’s Day?

I know there’s a lot of pressure around this holiday to perform and provide for your special someone in special ways.

That’s why I wrote a blog about 5 Steps to Sexy Dancing, because I know this is a time of year people are thinking of woo’ing their mate with someone spectacular. It’s posting live on Owning Pink today at 1pm!

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I want to hear your opinions on this subject too. Leave your comments in the section below the blog!

It’s important to me that you feel confident, sexy, alive, and sensual in your life and able to be YOU through it all!

Check out the blog here now!

See you in the comments section!

Love and Happy Sexy Dancing,

~ Sarah

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  1. armani perez

    I have always been the reserved type and sexy dancing in not my thing. But few days back, some of my girl friends enrolled ourselves together in a dance class which teaches several kinds of dances and one of which is sexy dancing. Ive learned that its not solely focused on the sexiness of a certain individual but also the confidence you get for being comfortable with your body; your flaws and all. Please check out http://www.charismatico-dancewear.com

    • Sarah Haykel

      Thank you for posting Armani. I appreciate your response. Yes, being confident and empowered and COMFORTABLE in your own body is a powerful way to share all of you with the world from an embodied, clear, and self-assured place. When you’re home, in your body, you are there, here, in the present moment. That means that no one or nothing else can work through you without your knowledge and conscious choice. To me this is the ultimate form of empowerment! Still working on this today ūüôā Thanks for sharing, Sarah


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