The 7 Most Important Steps to Dealing with Disappointing News

Dear You~

I heard some disappointing news today.  Did you?

I’m actually still in shock a little bit, though it’s starting to fade away as I accept the circumstances and deal with my feelings about it and look towards an outcome I really desire in what looks like it could be a big potential mess!

So, as I worked through my own process today, I got clear on supporting you, too, if you’re dealign with yours.

I love you.

These steps are designed to get you back into your personal power, actively creating the future YOU want to live in and be a part of!


Here they are, the 7 Steps to Dealing with Disappointing News:

1. Watch your reaction to the disappointing news
2. Stay present: you’re about to witness a sh*t storm of different emotions, thoughts, feelings, and sensations in yourself
3. Get Curious! Is any of this mine???
4. If it’s not yours, or it’s not all your stuff, let what’s not yours go and deal with what’s yours by…
5. Feeling your feelings in a supportive and productive way
6. Then, move on and remain OPEN to the RIGHT thoughts, perspectives, and the FUTURE you are “committed to co-creating” (which Feminine Power used to always say!)
7. Then, REVERSE ENGINEER THIS SH*T to a beneficial outcome for all. See the ultimate outcome you desire in your minds eye. Feel how it feels, and HOLD THIS VISION, and get together with a group of people who can help HOLD THIS VISION for and with you, and stay focused on how YOU can create change in the direction of this desired outcome with small practical steps in your every day life.


YOU’VE GOT THIS! Disappointment SUCKS, and when the smoke clears, you’ve got a clear mind and a CLEAN SLATE to work with!

Oh, and if you want to hear me talk about these 7 Steps TODAY, go to my FB Page for a LIVE Wednesdays at One pm, EST, where I share my inspiration for your day and week ahead!

I love you, now go, and Do Your Thang, and come see us on FB today!

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