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I was sent a blog post about one woman’s transformation through IFS. And, I thought, this would be a great introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model of Therapy if it’s new to you or insightful if you’ve been practicing for a while.

For me, I’ve experienced a lot of shifts personally as I get more in touch with my inner “parts.”

The biggest realization is that everything I may be thinking or feeling at any given time might not be what’s actually true for me as the present day adult self. These thoughts and feelings might be fueled by parts of myself that stem from long ago in my childhood years.

Parts work, for me, literally puts the power into my hands to understand my own emotions, thoughts, triggers and impulses. It allows me to heal on the inside, like Deborah Donndelinger says in her blog post here. And, when we heal or change on the inside, how is it that the outside automatically changes too?

It really feels like magic, but it’s just the willingness to spend good, quality time with our parts, as they come up to the surface.

By healing ourselves, how is it that we actually heal life itself?


Empowering Questions:

What step will you take right now to get to know your parts better?
Could you order a book, like Self-Therapy by Jay Earl or another book to learn more about IFS?

What about seeking a therapist who uses IFS or a group that uses IFS to learn more about it?

I look forward to hearing your responses below. Share in the comments section.

And, take care with you and all of your parts!

Sincerely and with Aloha Nui Loa,


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p.p.s. Need more resources? Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey.

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