I noticed a month ago or so that I was sending blessings to people who I thought “needed” them.  When I noticed this, I thought, “Hmmm, at times, I am basing my desire to give blessings to who I think “needs” them.”  It seemed biased in some way.

I was somehow tied to an old story about what I thought a certain person needed based on what they looked like, how they dressed, how they walked or by the energy I was picking up from them when I passed by them in my car, for instance.

I want blessings to come from pure expression, that is all.  Pure love.

What about you?

What old stories are you tied into about what you think people need?

How can you rewrite those old stories and what’s good about doing that?

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  1. sjkennedy72

    I am often reminded when I see something I perceive that others “need” it is really a reflection of my need, whether it be to get more sleep, slow it down some, polish up leadership skills or take a risk to move in the direction of realizing a dream.

  2. Sarah Haykel

    Ah, this is a good reflection here Sean.


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