Borderline Girly Behavior

Ladies, have you ever spoken your truth and then followed it up with a giggle or a smile (or lots of giggles and smiles)?

This is what my friend Jen called today, “Borderline girly behavior.”

I thought that description was quite accurate and is something I am continually watching out for as I speak my truth and step into my authenticity as a human being (or “bean” as SARK so humorously puts it).

There is something quite powerful about speaking my truth and allowing it to land with the receiver instead of making up excuses the moment after I’ve spoken or instantly rushing in with explanations or trying to make the other person “feel better” because I think they are feeling really horrible or uncomfortable upon hearing my truth.

Ah, it feels relieving to just say this, put it all out there.

What is it about this “girly behavior” that seems to cloak or protect me after speaking my truth and standing in it?

Is it the Witch Trials?  The residue of millions of women around the globe who have been abused, tortured and brutally killed for being who they were (and in some places still are!)?

Are we those women who have come back again to speak our truth and be who we are courageously in a world that can hold and contain multiple perspectives, lifestyles, belief systems and ways of being?

What stops you from speaking your truth?  What holds you back?

What needs are present in this part of yourself that wants to hold you back?

What’s important about speaking your truth and standing in it?


Share your comments below and of course, if you like what you read here, share this with your friends!

Love and Light,


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