Breath, living centered in the body

A year and a half ago, I took my first session with an Alexander Technique practitioner.  It was interesting and profound.  She showed me how I could move in different ways.  She taught me to “use your legs for walking” instead of protruding my heart out into space thinking I was going to get anywhere faster if I just walked with my chest ahead of my body.

It’s similar to Salsa dancing.  When I move around the floor, my center of gravity is always right over the foot that I am stepping on.  That’s one of the reasons the dance is so grounded, because I am always over my center of gravity, unless I am getting dipped or lifted, etc.

In Alexander Technique, I was taught to breath equally into my front and my back body, literally.  Then on the exhale, allow my chest and stomach to push the air out of my lungs and my chest and stomach come back into my body rhythmically.  This way, I come back to the center of my body every time I exhale and can live in the center of my being.

I like this idea of being centered, living centered in my being.  It is from here that all else exists.  My body is my access point to all of life.

As I am here, I am able to be a full, active participant in life’s game and choose what piece I want to play and how I want to play it.  I always have a choice.

Give thanks.

How can the breath support your living centered in your body?

What’s important about living centered in your body?

How is the body a natural compass for your own well-being?

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  1. Geetha.d

    how much percent of net is filling with FM Blogs?

    Alexander breathing reeducation technique is an indirect approach for the breath improvement.

    The neck head spine ribcage pelvis legs arms shoulder are supporting and helping the ribcage to breath naturally by the alexander directions of good use.

    But, what ‘wishpered ah’ is doing sitting there?
    Is this helps ribs ‘intercostal muscles’ to expand and contract?

    • Sarah Haykel

      Hi Geetha~

      Can you clarify what this sentence means: “how much percent of net is filling with FM Blogs?” I don’t understand the question and the meaning of “FM”.

      Also, the last two sentences, what is the question?

      Thank you, Sarah

  2. Geetha.d

    ‘FM’ means Frederick matthias Alexander.
    I mean the net is discussing very much about the alexander technique.

    The last two sentences of my question is about ‘WISHPERED AH THINKING’ .
    I am imagining wishpered ah thinking can help the intercostal muscles of the ribcage INDIRECTLY , to release and improves the breath , when we combine wishpered ah thinking with the alexander directions of good use.

    • Sarah Haykel

      Huh, interesting. I just took a couple of Alexander Technique sessions with a practitioner and now I am interested in what you are saying. What is “whispered ah thinking”?

      Thank you for your replies : )


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