Wow, I just read this woman’s post on facebook about healing and growth.  It was so concise and so well said.  It was straight to the heart of the matter and really clearly understandable.

I started wondering, “Wow, how can I write like that?”

The comparison thing.  It is SO attractive to me, but not attractive.  It just pops up.  What is that all about?

I know a part of that is wanting to be the BEST I can be.

I know another part of it is seeing something in someone else that I really like.

Another part of it is feeling so happy that there is someone out there who IS doing something that really inspires me.

The parts that don’t feel so good are the parts that feel like “I’m not good enough,” or “why can’t I be more like her.”

Those parts suck.  And, you know what, there are gems in those parts too.

What does “those parts suck” really want for  me?

Love, affection, attention, good results, good feelings, protection and safety from feeling “bad”.

What does “I’m not good enough” want for me?  Love, pure love, attention, affection, acceptance.  The ability to grow beyond WHO I have been being.  This part also wants me to strive and thrive, to keep growing and working harder and getting there.  Achieve, Success.  This part also does not belong to me.  I think that is the deeper truth here.  It belongs to someone else.  So all I have to do is recognize that when it comes up and allow it to release itself.  It is so easy.

“Why can’t I be more like her” wants connection, recognition, abilities advancing.  It is also not personal because I know this is a common theme between women of all ages.  So, as in the Feminine Power course I took last year, they say, “It’s not personal,” meaning MANY people deal with this thought or feeling.  I am not alone in this.

I am adapting a new viewpoint with comparisons.  Here it is:

I am SO HAPPY that person is doing that, being that, looking that way, because if they are a part of me in the grander scale of things, that means that I AM doing that, being that, looking that way!  Thank GOD I don’t have to do, be, look like, EVERYTHING!  I can just be ME and allow others to be themselves too : )

Ahhh, relief.

What viewpoint do you want to switch around?

What might it sound like?

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  1. sjkennedy72

    I can relate to this perspective Sarah…”The parts that don’t feel so good are the parts that feel like “I’m not good enough,” or “why can’t I be more like her.”

    And as you say it is so very re-assuring to be uplifted and inspired by what other excellent work is being performed in service of the world!


  2. Sarah

    Yes Sean, true dat!


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