Dance Class

Wow, last night I experienced a shift in dance class.

I have been teaching the adult class more intentionally this session, beginning each class in a circle with self-connection exercises, breathing in and out consciously and setting intentions for how we’d like to feel walking out of the class.  We begin warming up our basic Salsa steps in the circle and then move into lines for learning purposes.  This is all in alignment with how I want to be facilitating all of the classes I teach: intentionally offering people a way to center and connect with themselves in a healthy way so they can connect with life and all others in a healthy way.

Last night, I experienced a shift during our warm up when we were practicing our “Cuban Slide Shine”.  One student started asking questions about a variation of the slide shine.  Demonstrating that variation, I then encouraged the students to practice whatever variation of the slide shine they wanted.  Experimenting too and having fun, I was moved by what took place next.

I looked behind me to see everyone concentrating on their steps, intent on getting the timing right while adding flare and style to express themselves.  It was incredible to be in a room full of adults who were completely engaged with themselves and having fun through the dance with a bunch of other adults doing the same thing.  There was no right or wrong, there just was the experience of it.

There was something so special about this moment.  I was one of them, no longer the “teacher” of the “student”.  A BIG smile spread across my face as I watched the transformation take place in front of my own eyes and felt an openness in my heart.

At the completion of the class, we circled up again.  The music was playing and I said, “Freestyle time!”  We all boogied down in the circle together moving in whatever way we wanted.  It felt so freeing, so fun, so playful, to see all of us adults dancing freely in a circle, expressing ourselves to our hearts content, together.  I called out “pose” when the song was about to end and we all struck a position, laughing, breathless, when it was over.

What is this about freedom and playfulness, fun and joy?

How does this get co-created in life, where people feel open enough to let go and be themselves?

How about you?

What do YOU need to let go and open to the flow of your own Soul and Spirit?

How will you dance your heart out?

What does it look, sound, taste, smell and feel like?

When will you start?

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