Dawn Katar and Channeled Messages from The Ascended Masters

Have you heard of this spiritual phenomenon?


Years ago I was introduced to the work of Dawn Katar.  She sends out daily emails with messages she describes as being channeled from The Ascended Masters.  


I know these days we hear this term “channel” more and more as people tap into their own connection with spirituality and “the other side” of life, the side we don’t always see with our human eyes.  Although I’m no expert in the in’s and out’s of channeling, I like the messages that come through Dawn and that’s why I share her work with others.  


From what I’ve seen online, Dawn Katar is a wonderful Light in this world and the insight, inspiration and motivation I’ve received over the years from her messages have been plentiful!  I usually post and share them on FB.


Here are just a few to wet your appetite for more.  You can sign up for her email list by scrolling to the bottom of the home page of her website here.  


If you ever feel that you have gotten off your spiritual focus or launched yourself into an emotional battle, the best thing you can do is have a deep breath and ‘hit your refresh’ button. You don’t need to go off-line (in fact you truly can’t). It is perfectly wonderful when you excuse yourself with love and re-state your highest intention.

Ascended Master Steve



What if we told you that your Divine Purpose is to Shine without timidity or shame? Your daily challenge is to remove your mask and shield and let your true colors shine!

Ascended Lady Master Georgia


One of the greatest assets of a human is discernment – the ability to notice the distinctions of uniqueness and also to recognize the truth of Oneness. When the truth of Oneness is discerned, the uniqueness of each expression is truly appreciated. When the focus is only upon that which appears ‘different’ there will be confusion; for without accepting Oneness, humans will remain in fear of whatever seems different from the self.

Ascended Master Carl


Sometimes we just need a friendly or more bold and loving reminder of who we are and what’s really real!  Human life IS REAL and so is our Divinity and connection with Life itself!  


Empowering Questions:

How can you remember that you are both human and of Divinity, whatever you believe this to be?

How can you find the space within yourself that IS the God Source Energy you are so badly seeking?  

And, what if this God Source Energy or Connection you are so badly seeking IS right here IN you?  What if you are an expression of it?


I look forward to your responses below.


Thanks for sharing and take care.




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