I am making friends with Discomfort.

I realize that I want to get away from Discomfort as fast as possible.  I want to learn that lesson, make that amend, reconcile within myself, release that stuff that is no longer mine AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  It is because I HATE feeling uncomfortable!  It sucks!

I realize there is something in here for me, so I am going straight for the heart of the matter…

I am willing to “make friends” with Discomfort.

I LOVE discomfort because you know what, Discomfort IS a GREAT Friend!

Discomfort let’s me know when I am out of alignment within myself or in the outside world with life or others.  Discomfort also let’s me know when I am moving OUTSIDE of my comfort zone and then I get to gauge whether my choices are in or out of alignment with my core values and make a decision on next steps from there.

Discomfort also keeps me safe from people or situations that may not be the best for me.

Discomfort is that sign post that is pointing me in the RIGHT direction at something that I can choose to look at and gain some valuable information from.  It may be that I am moving through the discomfort into a whole new area of my life, moving beyond old fears, habitual behaviors and/or patterns to something new.  Discomfort may also be pointing me away from a situation that could possibly not be so pleasant or one that would be a repeat lesson I have already learned.  Discomfort says to me in those moments: “Don’t have to go there, again.”


Discomfort is my friend.


What’s possible from here?


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