Eckhart Tolle’s Book, A New Earth


Are you aware of the power of now?


Around 2010, I was introduced to Echkart Tolle’s second book, A New Earth.  After listening to most of his first book, The Power of Now, on tape, I was eager to listen to his second book.  Dear friends of my twin sister’s said this new book was an easier and more thorough introduction to Eckhart’s teachings in consciousness and the power of being present in the moment.   Although I only listened to parts of the book on CD, I gained valuable insights, one of which I constantly refer to in my teachings to this day!   

In this book, Eckhart tells a story about a young person who wanted his advice on which workshop to take from an organization that had a brochure filled with many healing and transformational workshops and retreats.  He handed Eckhart the brochure and he looked through it.  He said to the young person something like (paraphrased), “Well, all of these workshops could be of benefit.  But, if you can watch your breath as many times as possible in one year, that will do more from you than taking all of these workshops.”  


This statement stopped me in my tracks.  Wow, the power of mindfulness was this simple, yet this profound?  And, I could do it at any time and it was free to me?  What a realization!  The power of the present moment IS in our hands!  


In January of 2019, right when I desperately needed a refreshed in the basics of mindfulness, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle came out with a 10 part podcast series on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast, which went through each chapter of this great introduction to mindfulness and consciousness!  What about reading this book along with the podcast, as they go chapter by chapter through A New Earth.  

I quote Eckhart Tolle all the time, I’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much from him.  And, his teachings continue to be relevant to this day.  Always a go to source for inspiration and a reminder of the path I’m choosing to walk on! 


Empowering Questions:

What’s possible when you watch the breath right now for 10 seconds?  

What’s important about watching your breath?  What does it help you do?  How does it help you feel?

Write your comments below in the comments section.  I want to hear from you!


Thanks and take care.


With Love,

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