Latin Dance Party and Performance for Seniors

Working with Seniors is a transformational joy!

A few years ago, I was driving by a residential building for elders and thought, “I’d like to spend some time with the elders in our community.”

A couple years later, I had my first event: The History of Latin Dance, in a elder care facility.

It was an instant hit!

This first event brought me a life transforming surprise in the form of a resident who was a professional Latin Ballroom dancer and instructor, Abram.

It’s been 2 1/2 years since meeting Abram at that first event, and things are evolving.

Our classes are fun and interactive “dance parties” where seniors improve their range of motion and gross motor skills through fun, engaging exercises and dance steps while connecting with care givers, family members and each other in new ways.  They’ll hear music from all over the world, and enjoy seeing myself and my dance partners perform during performances.

Latin Dance Party for Seniors can be booked as an interactive exercise class weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly with one facilitator at your facility.

We also perform!  Our Latin Dance Performance can be booked for holidays, family picnics, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Valentines Day, with myself and a dance partner, where the residents can see various Latin dances in motion.  We highlight the historical and cultural components of the dances and music and have a Q & A where the residents can ask questions and give us feedback.

Latin Dance Party for Seniors

Appropriate for elder care facilities, community centers and residential communities

A dance, yoga, and exercise based, historical, cultural and musical experience for senior citizens in your community that:

  • Stimulates their mind and body through music, movement and education
  • Increases gross motor skills and range of motion
  • Strengthens core muscles and focuses on pelvic toning
  • Improves balance and expands visual field
  • Ignites joy and positive emotions in residents
  • Inspires them with dance demonstrations to music from throughout the Latin Caribbean
  • Enhances their sense of community and belonging with care givers, family members, and other residents
  • Sparks positive and feel good memories from their past
Latin Dance Party for Seniors can be an interactive event or a full performance.  

Click here now to contact Sarah about scheduling an event!

Want to know more about how these programs can impact your community?

Read about a recent spontaneous dance by a 96 year old woman who got up to shake her thang!

Click here to read a blog I wrote about a recent event that changed my whole look on life!

Resident and Staff Feedback:

Thank you for how well you work with the residents. You enunciate very well, look them in the eyes and give them time to receive all the information you give them. You let them know that they are welcome and worthwhile. That’s the most important part. – Kim Shafer, Case Manager Elderwood West Seneca

“Even people that don’t normally move, move to this.  You’re an inspiration.  It’s like a God’s given gift to inspire people.”  – Employee, Judy Gersitz

“You keep us informed about what’s going on out there and we want to know!” – Resident in a WNY Elder Care Facility

Sarah’s Mission:

To uplift, empower and inspire senior citizens through movement, song, dance, education and cultural immersion.

Uplifting senior citizens, improving their health and gross motor skills, and increasing their quality of living through Latin, free form, and world dance and exercise brings me so much joy.  Besides the fact that I feel like I’ve inherited a whole bunch of grandparents, the connection, warmth, and wisdom that’s shared through these classes and performances is life changing for all participants for the better.  ~ Sarah Haykel

Click here to contact Sarah about scheduling your facilities next event!  You’ll be sure your residents will be in for a real treat!

We offer other types of events for elder care facilities as well which include other styles of movement, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and performances.

Click here to contact Sarah about a custom tailored experience for your residents!

Below is a beautiful short film about the power of music with elders:


What People Are Saying:

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”” name=”” role=””]Sarah knows how to bring the fun and love out of my residents. The residents that reside here suffer from moderate to severe dementia. Sarah holds two different classes in my facility: one for the residents that suffer from severe dementia and one for the residents that have early onset. From working with Sarah I have seen some amazing things happen through her power of dance and movement. I have seen a “light,” a “glimmer of pure happiness,” and most of all fun; they are smiling through the whole class. A resident that never came out of her room comes to Sarah’s class and smiles through the whole class. In a way, it’s a healing experience that’s so much fun. I enjoy it so much that I asked if she offered something like that for my age group. I could go on and on, I have so many good things to say about Sarah and her passion for dance and spreading the love.[/dt_sc_testimonial]

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