Evolving Messages

Last year, I went to Cuba.  During my stay, I met with a Spiritual Priest who gave me a reading.  He advised me on certain aspects of my life and gave me some very specific dating advice before the session was over.  Yes, I said “dating advice”.

I have been living on that advice for over a year now.

I pretty much have gauged my actions on it.

This advice was very crucial for me at the time it was given.  It gave me necessary guidelines for which to follow through on to make sure I was in alignment with one of my core values while dating and to also begin to receive what is out there for me in relationship with a significant other.

Now, I have realized that advice no longer holds true to how I want to show up in the dating world.

What about his advice am I taking so literally?

How is it serving me to take this so literally over a year later?

I realized this morning that the messages I received from him were appropriate for the time frame when they were given.  Now those very same messages are ready to evolve.

I was a baby then.  I am a grown woman now.

How can these messages evolve to suit me and others presently?

As I spoke to a friend this morning and came to this realization more crystal clearly, he told me a story of two Buddhist monks.  The younger monk was upset with the elder monk for telling him one thing and then the next week telling him the complete opposite.

The elder monk said to the younger monk, “It is because sometimes I say to you, ‘Go left,’ so you go left and then you go a little bit too far to the left so I say, ‘Go right,’ then you go a little too far to the right so I say, ‘Go left,’ again.”

I laughed and cried when I heard this.  It is so true.

I can see the Cuban Priest laughing now at how I have held true to the Spirits advice for so long!  He would laugh and probably tell me to do the exact opposite!

What messages, beliefs or guidance are you living from that you received a while ago?

How is this guidance still accurate in your life and how might it want to evolve?

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