This morning around 11:30am, I sat on the couch in my brother’s room and looked at emails.  With Hurricane Sandy approaching, even though I am not in NYC, I felt this hold or pause on the day as if anything could happen at any time.  Impending doom?  Vacation day?  I don’t know, it just felt the like the day was on hold, softly, waiting, wondering.

I thought, “I know there should be things I can do today, like work stuff.”  And when I sat there on that couch, I was just aware of this real openness feeling that felt like there was nothing to do all day and I could just be.

I noticed this for a few moments and then I wondered again, “Is this just some sort of a cop out.  I mean, I really should be DOING some business stuff, I mean…”  And then I would just relax into how open that feeling inside me was, just open and relaxed.

I enjoyed that for a few more moments and then off I was, downstairs to the dining room, on the computer, trying to write copy for my life coaching business.  Oh well, that lasted a long time.

I noticed how far away I got from that openness feeling I had upstairs and I would remember sitting on the couch and that feeling would rush back in again, although a little less felt the further I got away from it and the couch in my brothers room.  Then I forgot about it all together and continued to get more uncomfortable as the day went on and I was troubled by writing business copy.  Oh boy.

Later this evening, I had the last of six coaching sessions with my twin sister and was reminded of the feeling of it all.

How do you want to FEEL when you are doing this?

She asked me, “How do you prepare yourself to write copy for your business?”

Great question.

“Do you sit in a warm room with a cup of tea and your favorite music on?”

Oh no, I don’t do that.  I mean SOMETIMES I will make a cup of hot tea if it is cold out.  And music distracts me when I am working.

“I mean, this room that you’ve been working in all day may not be the kind of room you want to write copy in.”

Good point.

So lots to think about here.

As she started asking me interesting questions about, “Who do you want to work with?”  and “What kind of woman is that?” I started flowing with the verbiage and it all, just like I had originally wanted it to, came out so much easier.

I also enjoyed working WITH someone else too.  There seemed to be more energy that way, more connection.  More Source!

So I ask you dear reader, how do you want to feel during your work day?

What is an image or a metaphor that can remind you of that feeling when you get into tense work mode?

Mine will be that spaciousness feeling I felt on that grey and black couch in my brothers room.

I am going to challenge us all to conjure up that feeling of having already accomplished our goals and feel that in every moment we remember!  Do this for ONE WHOLE DAY and write about it below!  I wanna know how this transforms your experience at work, at play and at home!



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