Fracois Raoult’s Essential Yoga Teacher Training at Open Sky

Fracois Raoult’s Essential Yoga Teacher Training at Open Sky

When I first moved back to Buffalo in 2008, I learned that several people I knew or was becoming acquainted with had taken or were taking a yoga teacher training in Rochester, N.Y.  

The training was a 200hr course called the Essential Teacher Training with famed instructor of the Iyengar style, Francois Raoult.  

I’d yet to take a class with Francois, however he came highly recommended, along with his yoga teacher training.

You know how you know you want to do something, it just takes some time to get there?  That’s how Francois’ ETT was for me.  Even though I knew I wanted to take it, it would take me a few years to feel the pull to enroll.  

In 2013, I knew it was time and enrolled in the 2014 cohort.  Just an hours drive from Buffalo, N.Y., I’d commute the five or six weekends of the in person portions of the training and stay with friends or fellow participants while in Rochester.  

The training ended up being a wild and beautiful ride filled with so much learning, information, new friends and colleagues made, great, experiential learning and so much more it’s hard to put my finger on it.  

Francios just knows how to create a real experience and his ETT left me filled with a sense of mystery, magic and allure that is within my heart to this day.  

Much more than just a yoga teacher training, this experience, and what I’d learn in the readings, homework exercises, class trainings, friendships made and experiences had would surround me with a beautiful community to learn, grow and evolve in during what turned out to be a challenging personal time.  

I’d recommend Francois’ ETT to anyone interested in learning more about themselves, yoga, becoming a yoga teacher or growing as a human being.  

It’s an all around journey of mind, body and Spirit!

With Love,

Francois Raoult is writing a book called LIFasana. Here’s an excerpt, which expresses why I’ve loved learning from this human for so many years!:

“We need to SEE first. See with an eagle eye, penetrate reality with a lazer beam. See then act, said Doisneau , the great photographer. Action follows being, wrote Saint Augustine!”

You can support his book efforts by clicking here.

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