Getting Grounded

And I don’t mean because you’ve done anything wrong.

I listened to an Access Consciousness call today that I am enrolled in.  It is pretty wild stuff.  Massive clearings of all kinds of things that are from you and others and past lifetimes, etc., etc.

I was starting to feel pretty spacey and “high” after an hour of this call and I even thought, “Maybe I need to hang up.”  As I got up to put away two jars: one of peanut butter and another of almond butter, I almost dropped the full jar of almond butter and in the process hung up on the call!  “O.K., well then,” I thought, “Good timing.”

A short while later, I was getting ready to teach and I noticed how ungrounded I felt.  Energy rising up, feeling anxious, tight, scared.  I kept saying to myself, “I have the ability to simply be.”  It was amazing how this statement opened me up in a grounded way.

I came back to myself, over and over again.

What supports you to come home to yourself?

How important is it for you to live IN YOUR BODY?

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