Giving & Receiving

Today I am practicing giving from a pure place within me.

I am practicing receiving graciously what is given to me.

I notice a fear come up about receiving: “I don’t want to receive EVERYTHING others give me!  What if I don’t want what they want to give me?”

Yes, this is true.  I have a choice.

I choose to receive from others, life and from myself.

What if, for one day, I just received everything that was given to me from a neutral place?

How about you?

What is it like to receive that which is given from a neutral place and give from a neutral place?

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  1. sjkennedy72

    In the absence of any judgment or bias we achieve gratitude.

    • Sarah Haykel

      : ) Thanks for sharing Sean. I hear what you are saying here. I also wonder, what if even gratitude was a stopping point. What could be better then gratitude?

      • sjkennedy72

        Not sure there is any “better” or “worse” just difference, so once could be indifferent, or inspired, or aware, or aghast among other worthwhile options.

  2. Sarah Haykel

    Ah, ok, I see here. How about this question: what is beyond gratitude?


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