Good Friday and Why It Needed to Happen

I was talking with my dad yesterday about Holy Thursday.

“What does “Holy Thursday” celebrate dad?” I asked.

Having been raised Catholic, I used to have to go to all the masses leading up to the big Easter Sunday mass and celebration.  Honestly, I wasn’t too enthused about them, especially the three hour Good Friday mass.  Oh, that one was always so somber and soooo long!

“It’s to celebrate the Last Supper,” he replied, “where Jesus washed the feet of his 12 Apostles.  It’s also where the eucharist, the body and blood of Christ, comes from.”

“Oh…” I said.  “”What about Good Friday?  I always think of it as “black” Friday.”

“It’s not “black” Friday,” he said, “because it needed to happen (I was struck when he said this) so that Jesus could rise again.”  He continued, “You know what Sar (what he calls me at times), life can seem pretty dark sometimes, like you might not make it through.  But, with Faith and Trust, you keep moving and eventually you make it through those challenging times.”

I’m always humbled when my dad and I have an impromptu conversation like this.

I wrote about a time, many years ago, in a piece entitled Perseverance, where my dad gave me the great wisdom of someone whose been through it all:

“Keep looking for the light.  Usually, it’s just around the next corner.  The thing is, people often give up right before they get there.”

Somethings have to die in order to be reborn.  It’s a natural part of life.

Thanks for blessing me with your wisdom dad.

I hope this inspires you to keep going, to keep looking for the light, for surely it is there, it’s here, right inside you, around the next corner, in the next moment.

Love to you on this Good Friday.


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