Has COVID Created More Possibilities?

What ELSE is possible that we just don’t see, or aren’t paying attention to, right now?

– Sarah Haykel


During COVID, we’ve suddenly realized the real potential of digital connection.  That even though we can’t always be with our family members, friends, employees or co-workers in person, we can be together virtually, see each others faces, laugh, cry and share together in this new way.  


We’re having family chats, which many people may never have had due to distance, time and space.  Teachers, musicians and artists, famous people and regular Joe-shmoe’s are suddenly accessible.  We’re all in the same boat!  


This led me to a question, as I was writing the organizer of W. African dance classes with one of my favorite instructors of all time, Youssouf Koumbassa, a master Guieanan dancer from Guinea, W. Africa.  All of a sudden, Youssouf’s classes were accessible to me in a way they’ve never been before.  In the past, pre-COVID, I’d have to be in a city or area where Youssouf was teaching in person.  His classes were not readily available online for anyone.  Suddenly, they were and I felt connected to this whole community of people world wide that LOVE the same things I do!  


The organizer of his classes and I emailed back and forth about that and I suddenly thought, if we did not see this simple possibility before COVID, what ELSE is possible now that we may not see yet?


Empowering Questions:

So, I ask you, what ELSE is possible that you just don’t see, or aren’t paying attention to, right now?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section!  I want to hear from you.


Here’s to the possibilities!



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