Healing Comes From Many Different Places

While working with a great trauma therapist for nearly two years, in late 2019, I realized that one of the biggest healings of my life, so far, came, not from our work alone, but through a Spiritual Coach, Otis Gladdis, who I had just started seeing a few months before.  


Shocked by this truth, and now seeing, as I write this, that it is all a part of the healing, I said to her, “Healing comes from many different places.” 


This realization was important to me, at the time, and still is, because it’s true: healing does come from many different places.


Sometimes I hear people say, “Oh, I’m good, I don’t need that right now, I’m seeing a therapist,” or “life coach,” or “priest,” or “I’m doing a meditation practice,” “I’ve got a yoga routine,” etc.  


I am always of the belief that I am constantly being led into my next realization, the next insight that’s going to move the needle further towards wholeness and healing in my own human experience.   


Empowering Questions for Contemplation: 


What healing are you currently going through?


What tools are you using to heal?


What’s important about that?


How will you know when the next right thing appears for your healing journey?  How will you say yes?  


Get in on the conversation and leave a comment below!  I want to hear your thoughts, and we always get so much more out of being in a conversation together!  

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p.p.s. Need more resources?  Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey. 

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  1. Kathy kearns

    Can I do this again for review? It’s really made a difference in my life Thank You Sarah

    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes, Kathy, you can do the free challenge as many times as you’d like! We’ve also opened the doors to The Basics of Mindfulness, which will be a deeper dive INTO the Free to Be 5 Step Process. Go here for info on how to sign up: https://www.sarahhaykel.com/free-to-be-course

      Also, if you do the challenge again, save the emails in a folder in your email inbox so you can access them any time!




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