Help Buffalo N.Y. and the East Side Heal from Racially Motivated Shooting

Help Buffalo’s East Side


Well, as you may have heard, Buffalo’s in the midst of healing from a racially motivated violent attack on black and brown skinned people from a young, 18 year old man, who doesn’t live here. He targeted Buffalo’s East side because of its depth and breadth of black culture. But, little did he know that Buffalo is rising and his attack has only fueled more love!


Below are some ways we can love on the people of the East side of Buffalo, N.Y., who are mostly black and brown skinned.

Take some time to scroll through the articles. Whether you live locally and can volunteer in person or are half way around the world and can donate, the people of Buffalo appreciate your help! You see, they call us the City of Good Neighbors because it’s a friendly place. So, “won’t you be our neighbor?”, in the famous words of Mr. Rogers.


Thanks and may god bless you always and forever!


Aloha Nui Loa and Peace always,



Resources to help the East side heal and restore:


Here’s an article by Buffalo Rising that lists a ton of ways to help with food donations. It also lists mental health counseling support and social services support. Click here to go to the Buffalo Rising article with information.​

FeedMore WNY is accepting emergency donations and asking for volunteers. Click here to go to FeedMore WNY.​

There are also a ton of ways to support, donate and serve listed in this article by WGRZ Channel 2. Click here to read all the ways you can help.

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