Holding Onto Winter, Letting Go Into Spring

I know.

It seems so counterintuitive!

Earlier today, as I wrote on a little notepad with three snowmen, one with a heart in the center, I felt like I wasn’t ready to let go of this winter.

You see, this winter has been a doozy for me.

LOTS of learning, personal growth, transformation, elevation, uplifting, going to the depths of my self and my soul, and reaching, reaching higher, opening to more, and speaking my truth in ways I haven’t done before.

It’s been scary, sexy, opening, closing, cold, burr, beautiful, blissful, caring, sensual, connecting, enlightening, romantic, jazzy, juicy, spiritual, and more.

My mom and I got into a big fight, I had a fever on Christmas, I met a wonderful man and he and I both let each other go.  I started a new business with my twin sister to transform ourselves and the world, I sang more, I started a yoga teacher training, I do pranayama now, I get up early, I go to bed earlier, I met new people, I made amends with people I really love, I’ve started new relationships.

So much has happened this winter that I’m feeling a tug on my heart strings, a sadness in my throat, like it’s time to move on, to say goodbye to all this stuff and let it go, and that little girl in me doesn’t want to say goodbye, yet, to it all.

I lovingly notice her: not knowing what’s coming next, not believing it could ever be better than the best it ever was this year, not knowing how to be herself in the midst of all this uncertainty.

I say to you, little, dear, sweet Sarah, I say to you:

I love you

I am here

You are able to grieve this time

You are able to let it go

I love you

And you know what

I’m here now

I am here

Your best friend

Your big sister

I’m like your mom now!

And you know what?

The best is yet to come!

Sarah Haykel From Winter to Spring


Wishing you the best in this springtime transition!  Loving you from near and afar!



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  1. Chayanne

    Thank you Sarah, wonderful post, I also luv you too 🙂

    • Sarah Haykel

      Thank you Chayanne, and, you’re welcome Sistar! Take care, Sarah


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