How Could it Get Any Better Than This?

“Sarah, I am going to send you home early,” were the soft words I heard from the mouth of one of the owners.


“O.K.,” I responded feeling uncomfortable, surprised and unsatisfied with the decision.

“We just have so many people on staff right now and it’s slow, so….”

Got it.

“Yah, I understand.”

As I drove away from the restaurant in the drizzly, darkening October evening, I asked myself, “Where do I want to go?”

“Home,” I heard in the center of my chest.

“Yah, maybe I’ll just go home, change and come back out,” I thought to myself.

“Hmmm, well, my friend is going to be down here soon.  Maybe I’ll go into Allentown to see if that performance is still going on.”

I checked in with myself.  This felt like a little bit of a risk and an opening.  So I took a left down Allen St. along the narrow roadways towards the gallery, swerving to miss cars on both sides as the yellow lights of oncoming traffic seemed to be dancing with mine.

“How could it get any better than this?”  I asked myself (a phrase I learned through a tele-summit about learning how to receive abundance).

After all, I got out of work early. It’s a Friday night and I am free to do whatever I want, right?!

As I drove, I started to speak out loud to the Universe: “I know there is more than this.  I know I am here for more than this.  There is a place…”

I barely got that last word out.  Emotion built up, wanting to spill over.

“Don’t get caught in story, Sarah, just let it clear.  Breath.  Breath into it, yes, that’s it,” I thought to myself.

Deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Ahhh, the sweet relief, space, emotions clearing, tear drop spilling over the lip of my right eye, sliding down my cheek, across my jaw line.

“Yes, there is a place for me,” I thought.

“How could it get any better than this?”  I asked myself again.

I pulled around the beautiful, quaint Allentown neighborhood and back up to Allen St.  No parking.  Maybe I’ll just drive by the gallery again and take another look.

I pulled up to Allen and I saw some friends crossing the street.

Beep, beep.  They looked.  It was rainy.  They couldn’t see me as I waved.

I rolled down the window and said, “Hi…”

One of them said, “Oh, Hey Sarah.  How’s it going?”

“It’s going O.K. I said,” as I noticed I still had some of the tear from the previous moment wet in the corner of my eye.  Could he see this?  Did he know I was just crying?  I hope not.  I sent him telepathic messages of: “I am O.K., really!”

“What are you up to?” he asked.

“I got out of work early so I was just looking for a friend of mine, she’s supposed to be down here.  What are you up to?”

“We’re going to see Ben Folds 5.  We’re walking there,” as I noticed his wife’s black and pink umbrella sheltering her from the rain.

“Oh, where’s the concert?” I asked confused.


“Oh,” I said intrigued.

“You wanna go?  I have a ticket.”

Moments pause.

“Yah,” I said excitedly, making a split decision.

“O.K., do you think your friend might want to come?”

“Yah, maybe.”

He pulled two tickets out of his pocket.  “Here you go.  You can sit with us.”

“O.K.!  Thanks…See you there.”

“How can it get any better than this?” I thought.

So I rolled up the window and turned left onto Allen, back by the gallery.  Only a few people out front.  I called my friend twice.  No answer.  Left messages.  “I got free tickets to this show.  Do you want to go?  If I don’t here from you within 20 min. I am going to invite someone else.”


On my way to dump compost at a friends house, another persons name flashed across my heart space who I thought of asking to the concert.  “O.K., received,” I thought.  So I called him and asked if he wanted to join me, not having heard from the other person yet.

“Yah, sure.  I’ll go,” he said.

So we decided to meet and drive over together.

In the meantime, I heard from the first friend I had called, who was also interested in going to the concert.  Now I was in a conundrum.  I hadn’t heard from her, but I didn’t wait 20 min. either.  Then I called this other friend, which felt right, and asked him to go with me and he agreed and now my girlfriend was available and wanted to go as well!

I agreed to see if our other friends had an extra ticket, but I felt uncomfortable doing so, so I didn’t.  I came up with a couple of other alternative ideas and then just let it all go once we entered the music hall.

We walked in during intermission to a foyer full of 20 and 30 something’s drinking alcohol and buying cd’s.  We walked into the left side of the hall to see if our friends were at their seats.  The usher looked at our tickets and said, “You’ll be in the center.”

We looked at each other, “In the center,” he said, with a raise to the eyebrow.

“I know, in the center!” I replied happily.

“How could it get any better than this?”

At first the young usher brought us almost up to the front of the orchestra section. ” Wow,” I thought, but he had mistaken the row on our tickets and brought us back to more than mid way through the theatre.  Nope, they were not at the seats.  We walked back out into the lobby and talked about getting a drink. The lines were so  long that my friend recommended we go into the Mary Seaton room where we found everyone sitting at a table.

“Hey,” they greeted us.  He looked and noticed my girlfriend wasn’t with us.  “Hey, do you think your friend wants to come too?  I have one more extra ticket!”

“YES!” I replied, happily hugging him!  I couldn’t believe he asked me about the extra ticket!  I didn’t even HAVE to ask him!  I was so excited.

“How could it get any better than this?”

I texted my girlfriend letting her know we indeed had a ticket for her.  Relieved and happy it was all working out so easily, I relaxed and engaged in a jovial conversation with everyone.

After intermission, I remember entering the theatre.  I had brought the spare ticket up to will-call and sat down before everyone else.  There I was SMACK DAB in the MIDDLE of the music hall.  I soaked it all in.

“How could it get ANY better than this?”

We said goodbye to our friends at the theatre finishing off the night at a wonderful small eatery in the Elmwood Village with both of my friends by my side.

“How could it get any better than this?”


“How can it get any better than this?”

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