How Important Is It to Be Heard?

How important is it to be heard?


Dear Reader,

I had an important insight the other day in an Authentic Communication Group I’m in.

As I brought up some uncomfortable feelings to one of the other members and they started to respond, I realized that I didn’t need them to explain themselves or apologize, or even take responsibility.

I just simply wanted to speak for my parts and hear what parts, if any, got triggered for them, from hearing what I had to say.

As the other person started to try and remember what they’d said that triggered these parts of me, I jumped in, interrupting the person and told them I didn’t actually need them to go back and think about what they said and try to respond to that. When I said this, they stopped, stepped back in the conversation and took that in.

It leveled all the tension or emotion present and brought us back to a place of calm and peace in the interaction. It felt exciting, this new awareness. And, the coolest part about it was, they helped me get to this new insight!

What I walked away with from this interaction was that this part of me does value being heard over anything else. This part just wants to be able to speak for my parts, not from my parts check out IFS for more on parts work here.

I also recognize, although it’s helpful when the other person can just listen and not react to what I’m saying. But, all in all, this part just wants to speak it’s truth, or the other parts truth’s, and be heard.

What a revelation!


Empowering Questions:

How important is being heard to you and your parts?

What’s so important about this?

How good does it feel to just be heard and not have the other person have to say anything in particular in response except to listen to what you have to say?

How does it feel to be on the other side of this just listening with no pressure to respond in any particular way?

I look so forward to your responses below. Share and get this conversation started!

Sincerely, and with Aloha Nui Loa,


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