I am right here

Hands up, arms stretched wide to the sky soaking in the sun on a hot, late August day.  Knee deep in small waves on Lake Erie.  The beach.  Ahhh…respite.

I held my arms up, wind blowing against my face, and practiced being inside my body.  Suddenly I had this realization, a solidifying of a concept that my Dad and sister had been communicating to me earlier this summer: Everything comes to me.

As I “saw” this happening in my minds eye, energy coming directly to me from all directions like golden sun rays, I realized, “All I have to do is be HERE and everything comes to me.”

Wow, this was powerful!  All I have to do is BE HERE and it all comes to me!  Hot damn, right on!

Later on that day, I had another realization.  The phrase “Knock, Knock, anybody home?” came to me.

I have to BE HERE in order to RECEIVE all that is here for me.


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  1. sjkennedy72

    The lake blesses us with grace and gratitude for the abundance everywhere!



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