I have the ability to simply Be

“I have the ability to simply Be,” was the phrase that ran through my mind as I taught the young college students the Cha cha cha at a wedding I was working earlier tonight.

When I remind myself of this phrase and this “ability”, I seem to drop all my energetic posturing around trying to BE and just-simply-Be.

As this ran through my mind again earlier tonight, something else began to sink in a little bit deeper:

“I don’t have to DO anything to be valuable.  I don’t have to prove myself.”

I don’t have to prove myself.


So all those fantasies about pleasing others, wooing men with my moves and people admiring me because of how good I am at art or singing or snapping sassy, quick jokes is all because I thought I had to prove something, prove myself to be valuable?  To be something, be someone?

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone!

I can simply Be.

And the best part is, I can DO all of the things that I love: art, singing, dancing, performing, and snapping quick, sassy jokes.  It’s just that now, they come from a new place, a deeper center within me.  There is no grasping there.  No vying for attention, looking for acceptance and validation from others so that I know my own worth.  The expressions come from a true place, a real place within, wanting to give my gifts in the purest form of love.  Pure expression.

That is enough.

What’s possible when you don’t have to prove anything to anyone (not even yourself)?

How does your way of expression shift and change?

What opens up when you allow yourself to simply Be?

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  1. sjkennedy72

    Confidence is one of the most alluring characteristics and when we’re simply in a natural state of self-expression unencumbered by silly motives or insecurities we truly shine!


    • Sarah

      : )

      “simply in a natural state of self-expression”. Yes, I like this!

      Thank you for sharing Sean!

      How do you be “simply in a natural state of self-expression”?


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