IF the Lord is Willing…

I grew up hearing my parents say this.  

They still say it.

The reverence, the trust in the Lord, a power greater than them surely had and has their best interest at heart.

I never quite understood this.  Well, that’s not true.  When I was younger, I felt like it was a guilt thing at first, like, don’t get too excited because you never know whether it is going to happen (the trip, the outing, dinner that night with friends (I am joking about that last one!)).

I see now that I too am establishing a deep trust in something much greater than the sum of it’s parts.

I find myself saying, “As it is in the flow”, or, “In the right time with the right person in the right place.”

I find these sayings as keeping me grounded in the now, like, I can be or feel excited about something, the possibilities and the prospects, and I can also allow what is truly good and right to come through.

I finally understand what you were talking about Mom and Dad.

I love you.


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