I’m Crying Like a Baby: Letting Go Is a Process

Gosh, I’m sitting here crying like a baby.

I feel like I’ve just broken up with a long time love partner.

It’s just a studio space for goodness sake!  Why am I so cut up about it?

Last night I taught the last of my salsa dance classes at Configuration Dance Studio.  It’s a studio space that I’ve been teaching classes in for nearly 4 years.

I remember the cold, snowy, winters eve I walked by the old location of the Lexington Coop.  As I crossed the street, I looked back and did a double take.  Was that a dance studio I saw behind me?

I crossed back over the street and peered into the large, glass windows at the front of the old shop.  Sure enough it was, with a grey, marley dance floor, large mirrors on one whole side of the empty space, and moveable ballet bars made out of grey steel pipes up against the exposed brick wall to the right.

Wow, this was so close to where I lived.  It was a miracle!  I had been teaching my dance classes all around different areas of Buffalo and now a studio in my own neighborhood!  I could ride my bike here!

I quickly set forth, contacting Joe and Kolleen of Configuration School of Ballet Theatre.  And, voila, it was set.  I would teach regular dance classes there weekly.

To be honest, I always knew this wasn’t the exact right place for my classes in Buffalo, but with the location in close proximity to my home, the beauty of the studio, and Joe and Kolleen’s graciousness and awesomeness, it was like a no-brainer.

Four years later, through a divorce, so many amazing students who’ve come through those doorways, many 1, 2, 3’s and 5, 6, 7’s, smiles, laughter, frustration, expression, yells, whoops, hollers, a look that woke me up, curious faces gazing in the windows, and the birth of The Sensual Body Movement, it is time to move on.

Gosh, I had no idea it would feel this way!

Breaking up can be hard to do and it can also be necessary.

Now, I actually feel like I’m moving into a place that feels more conducive to my classes and philosophy behind what I’m teaching: embodiment through dance and movement.  I love the location and the move feels right.

Our weekly classes will now be held in the cosy Yoga Parkside, a beautiful space with three different studios, created by Megan Callahan.

Yoga Parkside resides inside the beautiful Parkside Lutheran Church in a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of parking.

It feels like the right place for me to be right now.

Letting go can be hard to do and I’m committed to going through all the motions and emotions to fully clear this last phase and create space and room for the one that’s opening its arms to me now.

Thank you to all of the students who’ve taken classes with me, and continue to do so.  For all of the effort you put forth to engage in my classes, for your time, dedication, interest, consistency, and loyalty to yourself, to the work I’m doing, and to the greater good (because, when people are dancing, life is better, I believe!).

Thank you to all the wonderful and amazing dance partners who’ve come through my life and to all that was created, let go of, reconnected, and explored in this wonderful space of Configuration Dance Studio.

Thank you to Joe and Kolleen of Configuration Dance Studio, and all the amazing teachers there, for welcoming me with open arms, for being open and willing to try this out with me and stand by me for so many years.  You’ve welcomed me into your Configuration Dance Family and for this I am so grateful.  I love you.

See you at our new home.

So much Love and Faith,

Sarah Haykel

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