Inspiration from SARK and “Inner Wise Self”

Today I felt to paint.  Yes, I felt it.  I heard it inside too.  That would be what SARK calls “Inner Wise Self”.  I got on email as I sat in the early morning sun ready to make a move.  I checked one from Christine Kloser’s emails where she was promoting SARK’s free three video series about awakening your personal power, which you can access by clicking here.  When I began watching the first one by minute 5 I was ready to paint!

I, like SARK, have so many creative juices running through me and I spend more time trying to build a business, which is it’s own level of creativity, than actually be artistic!  So today I decided to say F-it, I am going to paint and write and design clothing and whatever else I feel like doing that’s artistically creative!  And I did.  Here are some SARK inspired paintings below:


In listening to SARK talk about “Inner Wise Self” I realized, OMG, when I listen to my Inner Guide, as I like to call it, I am safe, I am held, it is ALL GOOD.  I may not understand it all the time and it is all good.

I remember a time when I used to feel so afraid of everything: making a decision, choosing this or that, wondering “what if…”.  These things still surface, though I have a deeper relationship with my Inner Wise Self and that gives me solace beyond belief.  I know, no matter what, I am held by the Universe.  Yes I AM!

What amazing things is your Inner Wise Self guiding you to do, be, say?

How much are you holding back and for what?

I challenge you in this moment to get quiet and listen.  Ask your Inner Guidance: What’s the first next step towards living my greatest life?  Hear the response and choose!  Choose your action based on what you hear and, of course, share your experience in the comments section below this blog (and pass this on!)!

Want to access SARK’s Awaken With SARK, click here now!

Thanks for sharing your time here with me!


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