My TWIN Sistar!!!

It is with much anticipation and bated breath that I introduce to you my dear twin Sistar, Laura Aiisha.  Laura has been with me on this journey of life since in utero and I feel SO grateful and BLESSED to be journeying with her here in this lifetime.  Yes there are ups and downs, yes I am throwing my hands up to the sky at times wondering “Why???!!!” and through it all, gratitude continues to overflow for this GREAT union.  What a better way to work on your stuff and heal than to have a literal reflection of you all over town?!

Laura and I are beginning to embark on some empowerful work together and we want to share this with you!  Here is the first of several Conversations with The Haykel Twins we plan to expand upon.

In this first conversation we talk about “stories” and how powerful they can be in our lives.


What is one old story you have found to be running your life?

What’s the new story that is taking it’s place?

Share your comments in the section below!  Your input and experiences matter to us!

Inspired by this video?  Share this with your friends, family and colleagues.

Here’s to transforming old stories into new ones, just like Laura and I are doing today!

To find out more about Laura, go to and see what she’s got going on in business empowerment, Spirituality and more!

Love and Light, Sarah

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