Juicy Goodness Tip #3: Body Centered Awareness

I’m excited to share with you our next Juicy Goodness Tip, providing you with a tool to bring attention to the body so you can be aware of what’s happening inside of you and around you.

The point? To be IN choice and empowerment in your life.

Take a few minutes and give yourself some love with Body Centered Awareness!

This Body Centered Awareness tool directly relates to the first step of the Free to Be 5 Step Process, too. If you’re on the Free to Be mailing list, you received a link to download the free eBook. If you want to learn more and receive a copy of the free eBook, click here!

Once you’ve watched the video, I invite you to share your thoughts on what you experienced. I want to know:

In what ways do you see this tip helping to juice up your daily routine?

How did you feel after doing this brief Body Centered Awareness exercise?

Now that you have this tool, how can you use it to create more peace, harmony, and empowerment in your life, from the inside out?

Oh, and don’t forget to watch my previous Juicy Goodness tips, Becoming Present Meditation and Moisturizing the Body Through a Sacred Indian Practice to learn even more on how to provide  the best yourself self-love and self-care.

Love and Light,


p.s.  Check out our free 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge here.  It’s five simple mindfulness tools that will help you learn how to discern what you’re feeling and be able to make clearer, healthier choices!  CLICK HERE to get this freebie right now!  

p.p.s. Need more resources?  Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey. 

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