Kryon Lee Carroll’s book, The Journey Home: Michael Thomas and The Seven Angels

OMG, when I say to you that this book changed my life, it really did!


Several years ago, a young man I taught Latin dance to gave me a book to read by Lee Carroll. It was a Kryon parable. Little did I know what Kryon was or the impact this one book would have on me then and to this day!

The Journey Home: Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels is a channeled book by an energy called Kryon.

The journey of Lee Carroll and how he came to channel this energy called Kryon into books and talks that have made it around the world are pretty remarkable. Click here to find out more about Lee Carroll and Kryon.

Like I said in the blog post about Dawn Katar, I am no expert on channeling, but I discern what resonates, and Lee Carrol’s book above does!

If you’re looking for guidance and feeling lost, alone, afraid, maybe even hopeless or suicidal, this book is a powerful insight into the human experience and the connection to God, whatever you perceive this to be.

I honestly recommend it for everyone. And, it looks like there’s a children’s version too on Lee’s website. Check it out here.

I honestly think there is no more to say. Get the book and read for yourself!


Empowering Questions:

How do you know when something resonates for you and when it doesn’t?

What are the tools you use to discern what’s right for you and what’s not?

How do you know the difference between fear from the unknown and true fear or bad feelings that are trying to protect you from things that aren’t right for you?

Share your comments below!



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