Lachy Pedroso from Cuba in this Conversations with Sarah Part 1

OMG, my heart flutters, when I think about releasing this first of a two part interview with Lachy Pedroso.  In 2011, I traveled to Cuba and met Lachy.  It changed my life.  I want to share some of his magic and the magic of La Isla with you.

Most importantly, share how this conversation has impacted you in the comments section below.  What are you walking away with?

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Want to study in Cuba with Lachy or bring him to a city or town near you?  Contact him at or visit him at

Love you,


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  1. Laura

    Another GREAT interview.. Love Lachey and the wisdom pouring through him. So thankful you had this experience with Lachey and Cuba!!

    Also… love how the video ends 😉

    • sarahhaykel

      🙂 Stay tuned for video #2 where we really take it there 🙂 LOVE YOU LAURA!

  2. Sturle

    I love it 🙂 and can say with first hand experience how amazing it is to learn salsa With Lach, Tamara and the rest of the salsa School in Havana, Cuba 😀

    • sarahhaykel

      Awesome Sturle! I am SO HAPPY you enjoyed this video 🙂 Sarah

  3. patricia

    Love it, love you, love Lachy! Love the “conversation!” Muchisimas Gracias! Patri

    • sarahhaykel

      Awesome Patri! So happy you enjoyed watching this interview! Now there is PART 2!!! Love, Sarah


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