Learn How to Love Yourself

 Learn How to Love Yourself


Back in June of 1999, I had just graduated college and was beginning my life as an adult.  A dear friend, mentor and Soul Mamma, Dariel Woltz, offered to teach me some yoga, for the scoliosis she saw in my spine during my first yoga class, which was with her.  And, she offered to lead me through a creative arts therapy session, as a gift.  


This was my introduction to Yoga for Scoliosis, from Elise Browning Millers work, and experiential breathing, which gave me embodiment tools to help me feel more grounded and consciously connected to my physical body.  


The yoga session was very helpful and practical.  I still use the poses to this day.  However, it was the creative arts session that broke my heart wide open.  


In the gorgeous yoga studio, on their sacred home property of Panterra, in W.N.Y., Dariel led me through a series of creative exercises, that, when finally put together at the culmination of our session, brought me to a profound healing moment and realization. 

As I kneeled, huddled on the floor of that beautiful studio, in a fetal position, my own arms wrapped around my body, as I sobbed with this new realization, I learned in that moment that I had to love myself.  I could no longer wait or look for other people to love me first. 

Dariel sat across from me making the most compassionate sounds like, “Ohhh, honey…” as she witnessed what may have been my first real unraveling.  

It’s a moment that truly began my journey into self-love. 

I remember coming home later that warm, summer evening.  My mom sat on the screened in porch of our family home.  “Hi Mom,” I said, as I entered the room.  “How was your time in Westfield?” she asked.  “It was awesome,” I replied.  “I feel so good.”  She said, “Yes, I can tell, something has changed in you.”  We both smiled at each other knowing this was a good thing, a healing had occurred.


I’d never had this awareness before, nor had anyone ever been so lovingly compassionate towards me when I was “feeling my feelings.”  It was all so new to me.  


Dariel’s work, and what she taught me, made a huge impact as our work together, so long ago, still echoes throughout my daily life.


Although the journey towards loving ourselves really is a journey, how about starting that journey right now?  You’re worth it!


If you need help on your self-love journey, I’m here.  Go here to fill out the coaching form and get that ball rolling!


With Sincerity,

p.s. What’s the most challenging thing about loving yourself?  Share below in the comments section.  I want to hear from you.  And, only share what you feel comfortable with.  This is your journey and you get to decide!  

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