Listen, Trust and Respond


I do things in the right order, all I have to do is listen and trust, then respond.” – Sarah Haykel


You know, sometimes in life, I rush things.  With business, personal relationships, things I enjoy doing, like dancing, I’ve tended to rush the process.  


I guess a part of me thinks: I just want to get there already!  Or, I want to be with the experts already!  Or, I want to be married already with kids and a house together!  


This kind of thinking has definitely caused some bumps in my road and, I think, made some things much more difficult than they had to be!


Have you ever tried to skip a step and then fall flat on your face because you needed that step in order to properly get to all the other steps?  


That’s what I’m talking about here.  


When I do things in the appropriate order, things work out much easier than when I try to skip a step or rush ahead.  And, it always feels so much better doing things in the right order!


The biggest thing is, can I listen to the urgings I’m getting, to the guidance I’m receiving from my Higher Power?  And, once I hear this, can and will I trust it so that I can respond to it, whether the guidance is to wait or take a step or take a giant leap forward?


The choice really is up to me.  


Empowering Questions:


Here are some questions for you to ponder if you find yourself in a similar boat as I’ve been in before!


How can I slow down enough to listen and hear what the true guidance I’m getting is?  


What do I need in order to trust this guidance?  


Who do I need to be to respond to it?


How does it change my life when I do?


Write your comments below.  I want to hear from you!


With Love,

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