Macrame Almost Kicked My Butt!

Macrame Almost Kicked My Butt!


Dear Reader,

Yes, I can say, macrame almost kicked my butt.

About an hour into an online tutorial and I was almost spun.

How do I do this? I can barely see what she’s (the instructor online) doing. Where do I put that string? Front or back? OMG!

I knew I could do it, because other people have. Namely Angela Strawbridge from one of my favorite DIY shows, Escape to The Chateau, which I fell in love with last year!

Angela was creating an outdoor glamping dome for her newest guests on their moat (they live in a 19th-century chateau in France) and wanted to adorn it with a huge macrame wall hanging.

As Angela always says on the show, “80% of the things I’m doing I have never done before.” When I hear this, I automatically think, then I can do it too!

It gives me such a boost in confidence.

Then, I come to terms with actually doing these things and I see what obstacles might be in my way.

The other night, as I started on this long-awaited macrame project, I got going pretty good, but as soon as I got to the first double half hitch knot section, I knew I was in for a challenge.

After rewinding the tutorial video a few times and rewatching the section on these double half hitch knots from Mandalay Bunny, on Pinterest, I got the first row! Whew! Awesome! I’m on a roll. Other side should be a sinch!

Well, was I in for a surprise!

Truth be told, I was tired, already. It was getting late and I really could have been just chilling watching Discovery + or reading The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd.

Instead, I was determined to get this macrame started! After all, the housewarming party I was hosting was less than a week away! Time to get moving on this one!

I tried this row of knots. It didn’t look right. What was I doing wrong? I tried again. Still didn’t look right. Watched the tutorial again. What was I doing wrong? Looked online for another video showing how to tie this type of knot. It didn’t seem to help.

Eventually, I gave up, feeling slightly scared that I might not be able to figure this one out. What if I can’t do macrame after all???!!!! Angela Strawbridge can! Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?

You can see, hopefully by now, that this is a metaphor. A metaphor for Life!

What if I can’t do macrame and someone else can? What meaning am I making about myself, about Life, about others?

What if I can do it? What then?!

I decided to take a break and step away from the macrame for the night. The next day, I came back more rested and clear headed. It was early evening and I had the time to work on it. If I could do the first side of knots right, I decided, I could do it again. So, I undid the first side and redid them. They worked out perfectly the second time around. And I was able to get in the groove of the knots before attempting the opposite side again.

What I did next was copy the exact same technique Mandalay Bunny taught for the first side of knots and did it on the second side. It worked!

OMG, I can, in fact, do double half hitch knots on both sides of the macrame piece. YES!

What I learned here is that sometimes, if I’m not getting something right away, I can make all kinds of meaning out of it! And, I have options.

I can walk away and take a break, get some rest, come back to it refreshed the next day. I can find more help online, from a friend, email Angela Strawbridge as a last ditch effort to get support. If it’s really not for me, or I really can’t figure it out, I can choose to let it go.

But, if I put some effort in, keep my mind open, can I figure this out?

Yes I can, and I did!

I hope this inspires you to keep at it, or know when to let it go. Either way, we’re learning, growing and expanding our confidence to figure things out in this life!

You got this!

Empowering Questions:

How do you feel when you don’t “get something” right away?

What are some of your tools for moving beyond the fears and what if’s to keep on going?

How do you know when it’s time to give up a project or a dream because it just doesn’t feel right, it really isn’t working out or it no longer fits into your life?

I look forward to your responses below, in the comments section! Go ahead and get this conversation started!

Sincerely and with Aloha Nui Loa,


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