Money Honey

I am beginning a new love relationship

with Money.

Money is my Honey right now.

I love Money.

How can I love Money to the fullest?  Want to roll around in it, bath in it, be with it?
What’s important about loving Money?

I love Money.  It is a part of value, currency.  It is one way I receive value for my value.

Does it DEFINE my value.  No, it surely does not.  However, it is a way that others can support me through the value that I offer them.  This feels good.

I receive all the Money love that is here for me.

I love Money.

How is your relationship to money?

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  1. thatmoneygirl

    Wonderful Sarah! I love that money is your honey!! Perfectly in line with what we talked about in my workshop last night!!

    • Sarah Haykel

      : ) Yes, I am letting go of everyone else’s stuff around money! it is ALL for the giving and receiving : )

  2. sjkennedy72

    I’m visualizing you hugging that tree as if it were a pile of cash. : )


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