Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispensers and the Jedi Force #2

Tonight, I had an inkling that someone in the kitchen might be a Star Wars fan and that is why I made the connection about motion activated paper towel dispensers and the “Jedi Force” (besides the quintessential waving of the hand in a sideways motion that I do when wanting a piece of paper towel from a motion sensor paper towel dispenser).  I asked the head and sous chef’s whether they were big Star War’s fans.  They both wear black chef’s clothes and have an energy of being in the “Jedi Force”.  The sous chef said, “Not really.”  The head chef said, “Yah, look at this,” and held up his key chain with Darth Vader dangling off of it.

Ah ha, that’s it.

When I told them about my realization last week one of the other assistant chefs said, “Yah, we’ve talked about that before.”

So interesting how thoughts and energies run around and come through different channels and sources, like you and me.  I wonder how many other people in this world have had the same thought!

Collective conscious?

Jedi Force?

Same same but different?

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  1. sjkennedy72

    If you have Netflix or know somebody who does block about 90 minutes for “Three Magic Words”, takes The Secret to another level. Namaste.



  2. sjkennedy72

    PS- not a fan of those automated dispensers. : )

  3. jonathanhilton

    I love technology like that, but I am easily amazed. I often wonder if other people are as entertained by it as I am. Thanks for the thoughts Sarah.


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