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Why Murals

In 2002, just a few years out of college, I was part of a team painting a mural on a popular bike path in Berkeley, CA.

Painting outdoors on this project, with other wonderful artists, filled me with a sense of purpose, passion and inspiration. It was a total dream come true and I wanted to do more of it.

In 2021, I was asked to paint a mural in a beautiful backyard, to disguise a plain, white vinyl fence, something I’d been longing to do since 2002.

Now I’m offering murals for your home, business or public space, indoors or outdoors.

Focusing on nature scenes with the great blue heron, as well as landscapes and abstract designs, together we can come up with a mural for your location.

Not sure what you want?  Don’t worry, just click the button below, fill in the short questionnaire and I’ll contact you so we can chat.


Pricing varies based on size, location and content. Please click the button below to contact me with your mural ideas and we’ll get this ball rolling. I mean, who wants to look at a plain, white fence when you could be looking at a beautiful image that enhances your natural surroundings?

“I have been a lover of Sarah’s art for many years and am particularly fond of the Blue Herons she depicts in her pottery. “The Blue Heron & Friend” mural became a reality in a few days. The focal point of our gardens. Kudos to Sarah for her vision, her sense of detail and her LOVE she put into this undertaking”

Diane Strassel

Mural Gallery

“Omg Sarah this is so gorgeous! It reminds me of my friend that you painted it for. So bright and beautiful. You’re incredibly talented!”

Catie Stephenson

Murals by Sarah

One of a kind murals
contact me about your mural

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