My Aesop’s Fables Moment and What the Blue Jay Taught Me

I just read a remarkably inspiring and uplifting story, Anything Is Possible, by Thomas Bahler, a book about the story of Aesop and how his famous fables came to life.   I was almost finished with the book the other morning when I had my own Aesop’s Fables moment.

It was the first day of clear blue skies and sunshine after the wicked wind and ethereal snowy weather of the previous days this past week as I was making my bed one morning.  Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a bird flying outside.  It perched on something low in the shade of the back yard.  “Is that a blue jay?” I thought, and walked back to the task at hand, making the bed.  After a moment, though, I was pulled back to the window by intrigue as I saw the bird fly to a higher branch this time, but still down low, in the shade of the house.

At this vantage point I could see that in fact it was a blue jay, as I noticed it’s blue feathers with the grey silver rounded emblems below the strikingly blue color, it’s characteristic Mohawk pointing up proudly at the top of it’s head.

“How strange,” I thought, for I have not seen a blue jay in ages!

Standing there watching, the blue jay flew higher, this time into the sun on a lower branch of a large tree in the backyard.  He rested for a moment, got his bearings, and then flew higher to another branch.  After a few moments of looking around, he flew, up and up and up.  Even though the branches became thinner and more delicate, the bird found his stability, balanced, looked around for a few moments, and then flew to a higher level.

Up and up he went until finally, he arrived at the top of the tall tree.  Landing on a small, delicate branch, he found his bearings, looked around and turned his breast to face the sun.

Standing there, his breast glowing in the light of the sun, I could feel the warmth as if I-were- that-blue-jay-standing-on-that-branch-facing-the-sun.

Lowering my head in a prayerful gesture, giving thanks for this profound lesson, I had a feeling the blue bird would be gone, as if vanished, when I lifted my head again to see.

He was.

What lesson are you reaping from this story?

Do you too have an Aesop’s Fable moment to share?

Write your insights below in the comments section and get the conversation started!

And, do yourself a favor and buy Thomas Bahler’s, Anything is Possible.  

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Love, Sarah

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  1. Carol

    Sarah, your fable reminds me of the glory each moment captures. Of course you were open to it, which is yet another theme. Your fable allowed us all to experience the beauty of your blue jay in the sun’s golden light….fleeting yet eternal!

    • sarahhaykel

      Yes, Carol. I LOVE hearing what this meant to you or how it impacted you! Thank you for sharing.

      Ahhh, “the beauty of your blue jay in the sun’s golden light.” Priceless, Sarah



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