My art journey

Art to inspire, uplift and empower.

As an artist and creative channel, I allow God to work through me to inspire myself and others. The work below is intended to fill you with beauty, love, creativity and inspiration! Click the button below to see the work.

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How I got started

I’ve always been a creator.

From painting, to personal style and fashion, to cooking and baking, arranging my home, songwriting and freestyle dancing, the creative impulse moves through me.  However, I haven’t always felt empowered and confident in my own worth and value, as a human, to share or commit to being creative openly and courageously.  

That’s why I feel passionate about working with you, as a coach and fellow artist, to build the inner tool set you need to be confidently yourself, to feel secure in who you are, and share your gifts and talents in a way that both feels good to you and benefits others, no matter what!  

Let’s set up a time to talk about how I can support you to shine and share your gifts with the world.

My journey

as an artist.

Creativity is my lifeblood.  It’s as natural to me as breathing.  As a teenager, I was drawn to art therapy, combining my love of art with my desire to help others heal.  And, although I did not follow that straight path (you can read more about that here), I created The Haykel Method, which combines the arts and healing into a powerful group of tools to feel, deal and heal in healthy, inquisitive and expressive ways.  

Working with clay was a love of mine since grammar school.  In my undergrad, at SUNY Fredonia, where I received my B.F.A. in painting in 1999, I took a couple of ceramics classes.  Being in the studio, throwing pots, carving designs onto the wet clay, and creating beautiful items to share with family and friends, felt right to me.  

For years I walked away from the visual arts, though, as I didn’t know how to bridge the gap between my love of studio art, from college, and my career in movement based dance arts, which began in 2000. The drive to create art is strong, though, and it was just waiting for me to choose it!  

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By Sarah Haykel


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