On Being Love

Today, as I drove to the park to meet a friend for a walk, I noticed my head feeling heavy and tired.  Headachy almost.

I thought, “Oh, I didn’t do that grounding meditation after that call (this afternoon).”  The call was pretty intense where the facilitator brought us through several rounds of clearing some major old beliefs around money and receiving!

My first thought was, “Whose energy is this?”  I thought of the woman on the call who was having sinus blockages which seemed to impede her knowingness and  I heard some name that I didn’t know and assumed it was someone else from the call.

Then I noticed the feeling of the energy in my body moving down wards.  It seemed just the thought of the grounding meditation allowed this energy in my head to drop down a little bit.

I watched as it moved, seemingly easily dropping down more as I drove along.  Then it seemed to get stuck or stopped at points and wouldn’t move.  I would notice that, wonder how to get it moving further down so it could ground out and then I would get involved in the music I was listening to and it would move another big piece downward.  I noticed that and it stopped.  Then I thought, “Oh, I was just feeling good (because of the music) and the energy moved quite easily,”  so I thought of sending it love from my “deeper, wider center”.  I imagined love showering this energy from the base of my pelvis and the energy just moved right out of the bottoms of my feet and the earth opened right up to receive it!

Wow, all it took was love and feeling good!

I always thought that music sometimes can distract myself and others from feeling what is necessary in the moment.  Or it can take us away from ourselves.

I noticed today that the good feelings I was experiencing while listening to music that I really love helped me connect more with love inside myself and gave me a real feeling of Being Love.


How do you connect with love inside of yourself, in your life?

How can Being Love support you when things seem tough or imbalanced or even dismal?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Shawn Howe

    I Thank You My Friend… NAMAS’
    I connect with LOVE inside myself by caring. By ALLOWING. BY Grounding DEEPLY when Reminded by FEAR. By ACCEPTING with The INTENTION of LOVING WHATEVER PRESENTS ITSELF.

    By someone else feeling the LOVE inside you when you are KIND. When you are not Trying tO BE CLEVER….. It is Reflected back to you, “Give a Healing, Get a Healing…”

    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes, the phrase that stands out the most is “When you are not tring to be clever….” I hear this. Real love, true love, purposeful and non-pruposeful.


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