One Tool You Need to Feel More Grateful In Your Life

The Simple Abundance Journal of Daily Gratitude


Back during the holidays of 1998, a dear “Soul Momma” gave me Sara Ban Bereathnach’s book, The Simple Abundance Journal of Daily Gratitude, during my senior year of college.  

I’d never had a “gratitude practice” before.  And, shockingly, when I began writing one, two, or three things I felt grateful for every day that year, I realized that, at 20 years old, I didn’t even know what gratitude was.  

This surprised me!  

How could I have gone so long in life and not had an inkling of being grateful for something?   

This gratitude journal changed all of that!  

Now I do have a gratitude practice, as gratitude has shifted my life in many positive ways.  

When people ask me, what started you on this journey of being such a “positive” person, I usually point them to this book! 

Can you imagine how being a little more grateful will shift your relationships and how you experience life, as well as others?  The impact can be hugely transformative!  

I think our perspective is all we really have.  So, why not have a good one? 

What do you think about gratitude?  Post your comments in the comments section below this blog post.  I want to hear from you!  

Take care on the Journey.



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