Other people’s energy

This morning, I went into a coffee shop in Toronto.  Sleepy after a day and night full of dancing, I ordered a cup of tea, yes, tea, I don’t really drink coffee, and I sat down.  Wooh, needed to ground some of the energy from yesterday and clear space for new things!

As I sat there I almost felt like crying.

Yesterday was a BIG day of dancing and activity with a couple of uncomfortable experiences that previously could have rocked me and colored my experience.  But, I felt good about the day and happy that I learned a lot and also felt challenged by these two new dances I am learning.  I was not able to dance them like a pro and that is ok.  It is a part of the learning process.

So when I sat down this morning and felt this sadness, I inquired within: “Whose energy is this?”

I heard a response, a name in my body, in the center of my chest.  “OH, it’s…’s energy.  Got it.”  Then I felt pretty released from it almost instantly.  It’s like taking off a huge cloak and giving back to it’s owner.  It is a gentle acknowledging, presencing and letting go.

Ahhh, sweet relief.  Taking on other people’s energy and wanting to “help” others or “fix” or change their experiences has been a lifelong path for me.

Not anymore.

I used to think there was something wrong if someone was being challenged by an experience or something I may have seen as unfortunate or down right awful happened to someone.

Yesterday, as I felt triggered on and off throughout the day, I kept coming back to a thought a friend verbalized to me about a month ago: “Nothing is wrong here.”  That seemed to give me a freedom in being in the moment and open to the possibilities!

I still noticed myself looking into other people’s experiences and wanting to KNOW what was wrong with them or bothering them when I felt they were not happy or something was “wrong”.  Now I am here saying to myself, “Focus more of my energy on my experience.  I am a conduit, a receptor for energy and I get impulses all the time, it doesn’t mean I have to act on them!”

How do YOU free yourself up from taking on other people’s stuff?

What is holding YOU back from being in a place of possibilities this morning?

How can focusing on your own experience inform you of what is right for you next?

” Sun is Shining”


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