Owning Pink Blog: Never Give Up And The Story Of A Miracle Plant

Miracle plantI invite you today to check out the guest blog I just wrote for Owning Pink: Never Give Up and the Story of a Miracle Plant.

This is a really important blog post for me and is more like a short story than just a regular blog. You’ll read all about my journey with a very special plant in my life and how this ‘miracle plant’ has reflected myself back to me.

Through the experience I share in this blog post, I’ve learned something very special: never give up. On love, on me, on anything. Always believe. Because there are far more, greater things happening below the surface of my life, and all of life, than my small, human mind can sometimes perceive.

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity ;)… please take a few moments and read The Story of A Miracle Plant!

CLICK HERE to read and leave your thoughts in the comments section below the blog.

Make sure you read all the way to the end because I have some questions for you. I intend for this story to impact you and for you to gain insight into your own journey through it.

Share this blog with three friends who may find it inspirational too. Thanks for reading!


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