Palm Sunday

I remember Palm Sunday in the sunny, warm weather of Hilton Head.  Churches breezy, blown open, sun shining in through the stained glass windows of a large, A-framed church.  Everyone dressed in Easter colors of light pinks and blues, yellows and greens.  This was when we were really young.  Young girls in white dresses, boys in suit coats, ties and khakis.  You remember, don’t you?

The feeling of Spring, warm weather, essence of the beach just around the corner.

Sun light streaming in, warmth of the sun, smell of the salt water, palm fronds blowing in the wind.  Beautiful.

Yesterday, my Mom told me it was the children who welcomed Jesus back into Jerusalem with palm fronds.  This is where Palm Sunday came from.

It is the children.  Yes, we were children.

They say Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey symbolizing peace.  The Prince of Peace they said.  I am touched by this interpretation and wonder, what kind of peace am I willing into my life right now?

Last night, I watched part of a documentary called Awake In the Dream.  Mooji, a Spiritual teacher, guided us viewers through a meditation around “I am”.  He kept bringing us back to the awareness of “I am”.  That is it.  “Any thoughts that come through, any emotions, anything, just keep coming back to ‘I am’,” he said.  It is true, this is peace.

So today I am practicing the awareness of “I am” in order to experience more peace and stability within myself and in my relationships with others, and I am experiencing results!

What would it be like to keep coming back to the “I am” in your life?  How can this create the space you need for peace?  And what’s important about this space for peace?

Love, Sarah

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  1. sjkennedy72

    I am living on purpose and remind myself often, which restores calm, from which I make the most powerful choices with love and goodness to all concerned.

  2. sjkennedy72

    My purpose is to inspire, empower and educate.


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