Paola Blanton and Movement to the Rescue

I want to thank Paola Blanton for her inspiration in the article: In the Wake of Adversity – Movement to the Rescue.

This morning I noticed my own “post-trauma” in the body due to an experience from over 6 years ago. I felt it in my body when I woke up and I immediately felt like “moving it out” of the body.

When I first began, I felt afraid that I would throw up, because I felt a lot of energy in my stomach area, this is where a lot of the movement was coming from. I just kept with it, yawned a lot, and it moved itself out until I found a place of peace. I feel there is more to move here and I will move as I feel it, even right now, and allow this energy to move, as I, like Paola says in the article, focus “on the void in the center”, the “I am”.

Thank you for witnessing and awakening with me.

Heart Aloha, Sarah

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  1. sjkennedy72

    Powerful sharing thank you Sarah you are a beautiful healer living with purpose!
    Am curious of the Xbox 360 video clip at the end of this post?

  2. Sarah Haykel

    Hi Sean, I honor your words and am grateful. I don’t see the clip! Can you give me more info? Where did it show up for you?



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